Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catching Up With Jonah

We've had a busy spring so far, Jonah and I.  We've been continuing the no barking training in the front and back yard.  He does pretty well, but believe me, if I don't have treats on hand, he looks at me like he's saying, "Oh well...looks like I get to bark today!"  If I am out of treats for a couple of days he even forgets to check with me first.  But we found some treats he really likes and that are easy for me to keep close at hand instead of in the refrigerator.  He is getting pretty used to watching to see if I put treats in my pocket before we head outside.  We are also now working on the no barking from inside the house while looking out the front door window either.  You would think this would be easier but it's actually harder because I don't ever know ahead of time what he hears or sees, and stopping him in mid-bark is much more difficult than preventing the barking in the first place.
He's been to the groomer several times so far, and each time he gets either a scarf, or a bow to make him look like the handsome little boy he is.  He's still not doing so well with children but he's not around a lot of children to get used to it. 
We went on our first outing to the park so far this spring and we have spent time outside watching while my daughter and grandson planted flower seeds in the beds around the front of the house and some in the back.  He still enjoys visits from his best friend Rosie as well as getting to see my daughter.  He's always thrilled when she comes over.  He's getting used to my grandson but still has times when he lacks trust.  I've never had this much trouble with a dog before.  But he's a sweetheart most of the time.  He is not the lap dog I had hoped he would be.  He does spend time with me in my recliner but usually at my feet rather than my lap or beside me.  He spends more time on the floor at the foot of the recliner or even under the foot lift.  That makes it hard for me to get up quickly because he doesn't like being woke up and made to move.  But, with the help of the new treats, he is learning to do what I say when I say it.  He's a very good stress reliever when I have trouble sleeping or get stressed out over different things, especially at night.  
Jonah is terribly afraid of storms and even the sound of rain when the door is open keeps him trembling in fear.  He tries to hide inside my recliner if I can't catch him quick enough...another thing the treats are helping me with.  When it storms or rains and he is trembling, I have to stop what I am doing and hold him tight until it all passes.  Otherwise he jumps down from the chair and crawls back inside the chair frame.  I don't like it when he is down there because he could get pinched and hurt bad when I change the chair position.  So far this is the most difficult thing I am dealing with right now with Jonah.  At night if I have to get up for something also, and I forget that he might be under the foot lift, he can get hurt.  So I really try to remember to check where he is at before I try to get up.
All of his medical issues have been dealt with now except for his teeth.  He has quite a few that need taken out.  I am not looking forward to that.

Here are some more photos of Jonah.